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B.A14080 B.A14080


Be Prepared, Be Equipped, Be Searchable – A collaboration between Swiss Military by Chrono and Recco

Swiss Military by Chrono is always on the lookout for innovative technologies that support the active lifestyle of the Swiss Military watch wearers. In collaboration with RECCO we now provide our customers with the possibility to equip their watches with a watch strap that is enhanced with the world widely used RECCO® Advanced Rescue Technology.

The RECCO reflector in this product enables rescue professionals to locate you with RECCO detectors in the event of an avalanche accident or when lost in the outdoors. RECCO detectors are used by rescue professionals worldwide. Visit to view the complete list. RECCO reflectors require no power and no activation to function. Multiple reflectors are recommended for optimal performance.


RECCO® technology is not a substitute for an avalanche transceiver. Watches with Recco technology are created to provide extra peace of mind when elements strike outdoors and make you searchable by professional rescuers equipped with RECCO® detectors. Knowledge and common sense are the best ways to avoid accidents. Always respect safety rules and regulations. 


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Strap with Velcro® closure system available in two sizes

  • Strap references: B.A14080.04 (20 mm) / B.A14080.05 (22 mm)
  • Easy click on/off strap fitting system
  • RECCO Reflector inside
  • Durable Schoeller® outdoor Kevlar textile