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Self Powered Illumination

With the model Night Lights, Swiss Military by Chrono offers a watch that makes use of a unique illumination technology – a maintenance-free
and extremely compact system that requires no external energy sources to power illumination.

Night Lights H3 with Trigalight Technology

Trigalight® stands for self-illumination technology and the world‘s smallest gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS). Trigalight® consist of hermetically sealed systems, which function entirely without the need for external light or energy sources. It is a widely employed and approved permanent illumination technology.

Your watch contains a maximum of 1 GigaBecquerel (GBq) of tritium gas, an artificially generated radioactive element that also occurs in nature. The gaseous tritium is enclosed in a small hollow body of mineral glass. Therefore, the surface of the watch is free of any radiation because the electrons cannot penetrate either the glass wall of the light source or the watch case.

Watches with Trigalight® self-illumination technology must comply with the internationally applicable test requirements and guidelines. The light sources in the watch are installed in such a way that no tritium gas is released under the expected mechanical and thermal stresses. Our watches with tritium sources meet the requirements for official approval. Your watch is approved by the Federal Office of Public Health under the number BAG 2020-6.

The «NIGHT LIGHTS H3» Swiss Military by Chrono watch must be returned to the manufacturer for professional and free disposal.